The Boss Barbell Club


Boss Barbell Club is a private gym owned by Dan Green. It is the home to a fantastic group of enthusiastic and like-minded lifters. Members vary in skill level and experience - from those just learning to lift, to those training in preparation for their first competitions, to highly skilled lifters who have competed around the US and World!

BBBC is a select group of lifters who pride themselves not only on excelling at every aspect of lifting and competing, but more importantly on supporting each other in training, competition and in all aspects of life.

BBBC began as a small group of powerlifters who trained together in a garage. Now it is recognized internationally as one of the premier powerlifting clubs in the world!
Here, lifters can lift at designated times under the watchful eye of Dan Green and the other coaches - a chance to hone their technique, correct weaknesses, and plan out their training.



REGISTRATION is FINALLY OPEN for BOSS OF NORCAL 11 on November 23rd, 2019. Click the image above for the registration form, See “Upcoming Events” for more info.

Upcoming Events

Check out the full schedule of upcoming meets and events here at THE Boss Barbell Club!

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The BBBC is a private facility so in order to get to know all our members (and have them know us!) we ask everyone to schedule a tour. But it’s not required!

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It is our goal to bring positive attention to the sport of Power Lifting and the community support it offers

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Joining BBBC does not just give you a gym membership, but also a new community of support

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