Boss Barbell Club is a private gym owned by Dan Green. It is the home to a fantastic group of enthusiastic and like-minded lifters. Members vary in skill level and experience - from those just learning to lift, to those training in preparation for their first competitions, to highly skilled lifters who have competed around the US and World!

Being the best means going above and beyond every chance you get and in every way possible. To be the best at powerlifting, lifters must train their hearts out to gain appreciable strength. They must learn and always endeavor to master proper technique in all 3 competition lifts. Lifters must train their weaknesses as well as their strengths—they must train what must be trained and not only what they prefer to train. Success in powerlifting requires passion and persistence, intense focus and attention to detail, mental toughness and courage, discipline and honesty. To master powerlifting is to master one’s self. This mastery is what separates the truly passionate and dedicated from those seeking overnight results and accolades. Great results in powerlifting are not achieved easily, but as lifters we know they are worth achieving! And with that said, Boss Barbell Club was founded on the notion that — as Mick Jagger said — "anything worth doing is worth overdoing!"

This is why Boss Barbell Club is the premier training facility for lifters to dedicate themselves to gaining strength. From the uninitiated to the world-class, our athletes train together on the best equipment and with the belief that they have nearly limitless potential. At Boss Barbell Club, we provide athletes with the right tools, coaching, and environment to not only train to pursue, but actually reach, our full potentials as powerlifters -- and even break through to realize levels of strength, skill, and mastery that exceed all reasonable expectations! Simply put, we are here to grow stronger then we’d previously ever imagined possible! Boss Barbell Club is not the place for those who have reasonable expectations. At Boss Barbell Club, the only reasonable expectations are unreasonable expectations!