What we do

Boss Barbell Club is a one of a kind gym that offers so much for lifters of all types and skill levels. No matter if you're a bodybuilder, powerlifter, olympic lifter or even a fitness enthusiest Boss Barbell Club has something for you.

Powerlifting: At Boss we pride ourselves on giving our lifters everything that could ever need to succeed. We have 7 deadlift platforms with plenty of deadlift bars to match. 5 Power racks with safeties. 6 combo racks with competition benches so you can get as close to competition style bench as possible. We have both kilo and pound plates so if you want to have calibrated competition weights on the bar you can. 

Olympic Lifting: Boss has everything a olympic lifter needs. To start off we have an entire section of our gym dedicated to olympic lifting. We have plenty of platforms with enough room for a dozen of people to be lifting at the same time. We have 5 racks for all the squatting or overhead work that you need. Plenty of boxes for you can do cleans or snatches from. Any of the kilo bumper plates you need we have as well as some of the change plates. On top of that we have mens and women's olympic barbells. 

Other Equipment: Take a good look at the pictures on the right. we have a wide variety of other equipment. We have rowing machines, sleds, Dumbells up to 175 each hand, cable machines and everything else you can think of. If you're worried about us not having some equipment feel free to ask us if we have it or an alternative.

History of Boss Barbell Club

Boss Barbell Club was formed after a series of events led Dan, Mike Z, Alf and the other training partners at the time to begin training in Dan's garage. It began, like many others' stories, with Dan being kicked out of the commercial gym he'd trained at from age 14, when serious lifting and bodybuilding was the whole point of the gym. Obviously, anybody familiar with the current state of commercial gyms is aware that the demographic commercial gyms target is NOT the serious lifter or even just the green enthusiast who would just like to train with weights as though it is a real sport and not just a deterrent for membership for other would-be patrons! 

For Dan and the guys, training in a way that would in any way interfere with their ability to train to compete was unacceptable. So the hunt for a new gym led them to spot number 2... which lasted for one workout. After benching on crap equipment and listening to high schoolers maintaining that: "Who cares what your max is...It only matters what your 10RM is" the guys found a local gym in Mountain View that was located in a small building on an old lumber yard by the train station. This gym had been around for 25 years, had great equipment including olympic lifting platforms and bumper plates, quality racks and bars and weights. The place had been around for a while, but in the past they'd had restrictive hours that just wouldn't work. Now, with a pass-code it was 24-7 access. The training was back in full effect here!

But of course it was too good to be true. Four months into the stay at this spot ended when the city decided that the lumber yard had to be removed so that apartments and condos could be built. Fortunately, however, when the gym closed they auctioned off all their equipment, of which Dan bought a substantial amount to bring to his garage. Armed with a single orange power rack from Elite (as many have seen in the youTube videos), bars, weights, a combo rack, and the new stuff from the auction, the guys founded Boss Barbell Club--named for his dog Boss--in Dan's two car garage.

It was there that they would train for two and a half years before a change in working situations led Dan to open his own gym in Mountain View and make it open to the public. The vision has always been to use powerlifting to inspire others and to bring the sport to the casual weightlifter as well as the dedicated lifter and offer it in the best environment with the best equipment, the best atmosphere and the best coaching. It's time to treat powerlifting like a real sport!
Now awareness of Boss Barbell Club has spread around the world!